Mariah Manning

About the Artist

I have been creating commissioned work since 1993, including paintings, portraits, murals, caricatures, and illustrations. I feel that my work is always changing, growing, evolving, like myself as an individual. My personal preference when I paint is to work with oils, however I use many other mediums as well. I am drawn to color and texture. I try to capture the essence of emotion and movement, whether it be in my abstract work, or portraits.

I am drawn to the beauty of the human body as a landscape. The pieces are abstract and very textural. The marriage of color and texture allow your eyes to move across the canvas, discovering something new each time.

Children have always inspired me. I am fascinated with trying to capture their innocence and emotional honesty on canvas. My portraits are unique and possess an expressive vibrancy. The color, loose brush strokes, and energy give the feelings of life and the child's personality.

Now a mother of two, I am inspired everyday. My husband and I are in wonder and amazed on a daily basis at their individuality. Their beauty and absolute raw emotion is so refreshing and exciting to be a part of. It is something I definitely take with me into the studio when I work.

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